Steel and Green

Interior surface design

Steel and green create original and distinctive designs that captivate and inspire.

add a touch of unusual style to your interior.


Climbing Rats

Climbing Rats is a quirky design inspired by the mischievous rats that live along the British Waterways.

Bespoke colourways available

climbing rats bg.jpg

Floral Vines

Vertical stripe format including orchids, butterflies, passion flowers & tropical birds.

Inspired by Kew Gardens which is close to OUR heart

floral wallpaper bg.jpg

Bees and Beetles

Bees and beetles combine natural form with geometric shapes to create a stylish & contemporary pattern.

Bees have been a classic design motif ever since Napoleon turned the royal fleur-de-lis upside-down and noted its resemblance to a bee.  the bee has symbolised freedom and enterprise ever since.

bees - bg.jpg


Chinoiserie is a classic design style born of the cross pollination of ASIAN & european styles.

green painting bg.jpg

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